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Hi families! Hope you have had a beautiful day.

Today in our Toddlers room we had a busy day with lots of friends! We had Luca, Colton, Delila, Harry, Ivy, Harrison, Vaughan, Chanel and Everlea! We are loving having you all at kindy and watching you grow.

We began the day with a play outside while the weather was nice, while outside we played with the bikes, the trucks, in the sandpit and magnetic shapes. Our friends were playing so nicely outside today, using their kind words and sharing all the toys. We are encouraging our friends to use their words at the moment, we all have big words developing and we are loving hearing them having conversations with each other and with us.

Today we set up some learning activities and did indoor outdoor so our friends could choose where they wanted to play. Outside we had some orange playdough that we squished and moulded into shapes. The children have been really interested in collecting sticks from the yard, since it has been so windy we have lots of them around! So instead today we used natural materials such as sticks, leaves and stones as our playdough tools. They loved pressing the sticks and leaves into the playdough and seeing what kind of mark they left. Our friends were very interested in smelling and trying to taste our playdough today, perhaps next time we might add some essential oils or vanilla essence!

Our other activity was painting using spray bottles, they had to use both hands to squeeze the handle and aim it at the paper, they did such a good job and the paintings came out beautifully! Then we used cotton wool balls as our paintbrushes and dabbed the paint all around the paper, finally using our thumb and index finger to pinch some glitter/sequins/stars to add a little bit of fanciness to our art.

The children have also been really interested in books recently, so this afternoon we will be reading a few books before going outside, “Alpacas’s with Maracas”, “What the ladybird heard”, and “Possum Magic”. A few quotes from Dr Suess about reading “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go.” and “You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax all you need is a book”. Reading to children of this age is so important for their cognitive development, as well as the development of their language and literacy and can significantly aid them in their reading skills when they get to school.

We hope you had a wonderful day! See you all tomorrow

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Gabi xxx