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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed; Tua, Lincoln, Ruby, Alia, Nayla, Abel, Thomas, Isabella, Ariana, Isabelle, Lara, Nikora, Millie and Quintin.

We started the day indoors, exploring the Puzzle table, reading books, dolls house and of course bouncing our little cow! We then decided to go outdoor, where Miss Thais brought the dolls house and Alia, Lincoln and Millie enjoyed playing there building a house together. Outdoors the bikes are very popular too and the sandpit where we use our imagination to cook some food.

Was time to practice “Arakan Martial Arts”. All the children listened to the instructions very well and enjoyed the activity. Before we transition indoors Miss Thais read the book about sea animals where we recognize some sea animal names, then singing ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ where we sang “fast” and “slow”. We had “home made beans on Turkish bread”. Before our morning activity, Miss Maddi read “ Piranhas don’t eat bananas and Follow that tiger”. Following the children’s interest in our little cows we decided to do the cow racing again, but at this time outdoor, in the big Yard. We lined up chairs on either side and lined up our three bouncy cows and two more ponies that we borrowed in the nursery room, we also use the hula hoops and some obstacles during the racing to make it more fun. Our friends loved to seat at the chairs and waited for their turn to race. Ruby said to her friends “Its fun”. Lincoln said “again”. Nayla, Tua, Nikora got excited and couldn’t wait for their turn.

After our lunch, most of us went straight to bed. Except for Nikora, Nayla, Alia, Ivy and Isabelle who preferred to read books in our book corner this afternoon after a little rest in their beds.

See you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla