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Happy Thursday families!!

Today our friends all arrived all at once and all ready to start their day! We had a few more friends dressed up for book week and bringing in their favourite books for us to read. We went outside and had water play, the children have been really enjoying using their gross motor skills to navigate through the rocky creek we have for the water. The past few days they have been filling this up with sand and putting water in it to make puddles!

We also had a visit from a mummy duck, daddy duck and 4 baby ducks over the fence! They came really close and said quack quack! This lead to a sing a long of  “5 little ducks”.

We then decided to have a grouptime outside this morning where we sung our good morning songs, said hello to one another and read some stories. Today, we had Miss Gabi’s favourite book “We’re going on a bear hunt!” and Colton brought in “Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt”! The children loved these stories and explained to Miss Danna who each character was in the Peppa book.

Extending on the interest of “we’re going on a bear hunt”, we created two different activities for the children to engage in. Activity one was outside, with multiple different sensory options to simulate the stages of the bear hunt book! Grass for the long grass, twigs and branches for the deep dark forest, snow made out of bicarbonate soda and shaving foam for the snow storm, blue water with animals and fishies for the river, and kinetic sand for the mud. The children loved this activity, and swapped for half way for our activity number two, where we created our very own collage bears, with glue and recycled materials. The children also loved this, any chance they have to use glue and be creative and they are hooked! They used their fine motor skills to pick up the small collage bits and worked on their pencil grip with the paintbrush and tried their very best to paint the inside of the bear.

We then transitioned outside for a bit of a run around before it was time for lunch and rest time.

We hope you had as great a day as us!

Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx