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Hello families and friends!

Again, today we spent a good part of the day outside in anticipation of the weather possibly taking a turn this afternoon and maybe not getting the chance to go out. So, we used the opportunity wisely to get as much outdoor physical play as possible. The children have really taken a liking to the educators throwing the balls up on the roof and following where they will end up and if it might possibly bop them on the head or ideally trying to catch it. But most definitely chasing after it once it has rolled off onto the ground.

Harry, Delila, Colton, Elijah, Chanel, Vaughn, Ivy, Luca, Finley, Everlea, Kennedy and Harrison all sang Dr Nickleboka number 9 and if your happy and you know it song, then all sat down together on the step and sang our morning songs, our acknowledgement to country and when it was time to come inside, we washed our hands, sung our hand washing song and grabbed our drink bottles ready to sit down for morning tea.

All the children really enjoyed this experience, as they were eager to see the finished product and eat what they had created for lunch. At first the children were a little hesitant to spread the ingredients over the bases, but after Harry took initiative and showed all his friends how to do it, they were all happy to try it as well. Although the children were thrilled to be making the pizzas, they enjoyed eating the ingredients throughout the process more.

Love Miss Steph, Gabi and Layne