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Good afternoon and Happy Thursday from us!

Today we welcomed; Obi, Delilah, Quintin, Halle, Liz, Charlie, Diego, Augie, Bella, Winston, Thomas, Luna and Ariana! This morning outdoors we had a beautiful time exploring the yard; riding bikes, funneling sand into bottles, playing hide and seek and digging deep holes in the sandpit!

When it was time to transition for morning tea we sang “Hammer Hammer”, “Hello How are you” as requested and then Miss Thais read to us “Making Friends” – this book is a great reminder to all of us about making new friends and always being kind to each other! We then slowly sang “Bee Bee” to move indoors to enjoy Magic Breaky Muffins for morning tea!

For group time today we split into an indoor and outdoor group. Indoors we extended on our learning of bugs, Miss Thais made a sensory tray with clay and different bugs! We also enjoyed stacking the timber blocks up high and role-playing with toy foods in home corner. Outdoors; we also enjoyed a clay table and spontaneous play, we made lots of different shapes and our own versions of bugs with the clay. Before we knew it, it was nearly time for lunch so we all moved outdoors to join toddlers two as well for more play. As its Miss Maddi’s last day we had lots of cuddles together and there were a few tears!

When it was time for lunch we sat down to sing “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” and enjoy a slow lunchtime together, for lunch we ate yummy Crispy Potato Rosti and Vege Pom Poms – very yummy!

We are all resting and will see you this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan.

PS – thanks again for such a beautiful year so far together, I will miss you all so much! Stay safe with your families in these times! Love; Miss Maddi xoxo