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Today in Toddlers One we had lots of fun with an outdoor morning tea time picnic where we were visited by the beautiful horse from next door, the children loved learning about horses, asking lots of questions from what they eat and what some of their favourite things to do are, we extended upon this self enquiry by reading a book about horses when we came back inside.

We enjoyed lots of climbing outside, learning where was safe to climb and where was not so safe to climb, as we are becoming more adventurous with our gross motor movements we will keep extending on the learning of the children, creating more ways for them to really enjoy trying new things and extending their own interests.

When we came inside we took the time to have a few different activities for the children to choose what they preferred.

They really enjoyed the painting activity with balloons, leaves and rollers. This is great for their fine motor skills, learning how to hold the balloon and move it along the paint and paper alongside learning to add leaves, this is really great for exploring with different elements and also tapping into their creative side.

We spent lots of time cooking in the toy barbeque talking about all the different foods we love & also learning to put the toy babies to sleep in their cots.