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Good afternoon everyone!

This morning we were surprised with our room set up with beautiful new toys! Our friends were so excited and thrilled to explore and enjoy them so we spent the morning inside exploring the room.

When it came to morning tea, we sat down with Miss Maddi to sing ‘Hammer Hammer and ‘Bee Bee’ to help us move along to morning tea. While we enjoyed morning tea, Miss Jordan set up new experiences for the children to explore again. Our new resources our friends a lot of interest in this morning were; the dinosaurs, sensory sparkle mats, rainbow bang blocks and the bouncy wooden blocks. While we were enjoying spontaneous play Miss Maddi took two children outside at a time to extend on our carnival theme. We blew up balloons and rolled out a long roll of paper to then dip the balloons in paint and stamp on the paper! We loved mixing the colors, getting messy and enjoying the sensory play. After spontaneous play and activity time, we made our way outside before lunch while we had a break from the rain! We are now resting and are excited to enjoy our new resources again this afternoon!

Ps Don’t forget to dress up in bright, colorful and fun clothes tomorrow!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tati xx