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Good afternoon and Happy Thursday everyone!

We have had a busy and eventful day! We started our day by welcoming Nayla, Quintin, Ruby, Millie, Isabelle, Ariana, Nikora, Lara, Bella, Ivy, Alia, Tua, Lincoln and our new friend Delilah from Babies 3! As it was a beautiful morning we went straight outside where our friends enjoyed especially using the chalkboard, sandpit cooking and doubling up bikes.

When we were transitioning inside for morning tea we read “When I’m feeling HAPPY” and practiced our daily affirmations – “I am brave, I am strong, loving, gentle and kind”. After we enjoyed Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bar for morning tea we sat down in our book corner and started to read “Grateful” … when all of a sudden it was a practice fire drill! Our friends were so well behaved and listened to instructions very well. When we came back our friends enjoyed playing indoors with our new construction blocks – they are beautiful timber blocks that we can stack or put in a big line. We then made our way outdoors for spontaneous play before lunch. We are loving having the sunshine back and our friends are so calm and joyful outdoors. When it was time to transition indoors for lunch we combined with T2 to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and a few other songs. Our friends are resting now and we will see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla