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Hello everyone!!

Today we welcomed into Toddlers, Diego, Millie, Luna, Halle, August, Abel, Liz, Ariana, Obi, Isabella, Ruby, Thomas, and Delilah. For the last day of book week, we had Luna, Halle, and Ariana dress as Emma from the wiggles. We had Ruby dress as “Princess Anna” And we had Abel and Obi dress as tigers with us today! After welcoming all our friends, we ventured outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our friends showed great interest in the sand pit, role playing in the car and saying hi to the horses in the paddock. After discovering new things around the yard, we all came together for group time where we sat and listened to Miss Thais read “Follow that tiger” we love this book so much with our friends reading along with us and all showing us their loudest “Roars”. After enjoying story time with Miss Thais, it was then time for Arakan! Our friends have so much fun during this activity😊 it was then time for us to transition inside to eat up our morning tea, today we got to enjoy “Delicious Pumpkin, Chia and apple waffles” which were so yummy!

As today is the last day of book week, we decided to dedicate it to our favorite book “follow that tiger” so for our activity today we all got to get our faces painted by Miss Maddi and Jordan to look the part of being little tigers! Our friends loved seeing their faces painted in the mirror all showing each other their faces and giggling. After enjoying this time together, we decided to enjoy some more spontaneous play outdoors as today was such a nice day! Before we knew it, it was time for us to sing some songs to help transition inside for lunch, today our toddler one friends requested “head, shoulder, knees and toes” and “I had a tiny turtle” before transitioning inside for the delicious “Loaded Butter chicken with turmeric rice” which was our favorite!!

We are now resting our bodies, ready for another natural fun afternoon outdoors.

We hope you all have a beautiful relaxing long weekend. See you all next week😊!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, and Maddi