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Good afternoon,

This morning we welcomed Bella, Luna, Liz, Delilah, Abel, Ruby, Thomas, Diego, August, Lara, Millie, Obi, Quintin, Ari and Halle. We started our morning outside, our friends were most interested in the bikes and making pretend food with the bark. When it was time to transition we sat down with Miss Maddi and she introduced us to Ruby’s tiger friend “Jack” he helped introduce to us that today is ‘International Tiger Day’! Then, Miss Maddi read to us “Follow That Tiger” before filling our tummies with Apple and Pear Porridge with Banana for morning tea!

As today is international tiger day, Miss Thais set up a beautiful tiger display on the mat. There were our tiger cars, big tiger pillows, tiger books and tiger figurines. We also started our group time with a book called ‘roar’ which was all about tigers. The children were so excited by the tiger display and jumped right in to find something to explore.

Then, it was then time for Arakan! We split into two groups so that the children got to enjoy it more.

As soon as Arakan finished we had a surprise fire drill. We quickly lined the children up at the front door and then we held hands as we walked to the car park where we checked our rolls and made sure that everyone was safe. The children did an amazing job of being prompt and following instructions.

We then walked safely back inside and headed back outdoors for a tiger hunt. Miss Maddi had hidden tiger pictures and tiger figurines all around the yard and the children were given the challenge of finding them all! Ruby, Millie, Quintin, Ari, Lara and August found the tigers safe and sound.

It was then time for lunch and a rest, our friends are all sleeping beautifully after a busy morning. We can’t wait to continue exploring with them this afternoon.

Miss Thais, Maddi and Lauren.