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Happy Tuesday Parents and Families 🙂

A warm welcome from Our Toddlers 1 classroom.

It’s been another beautiful and playful morning around here. Our day began with our friends having so much fun in the yard from the sandpit to the water puddles from yesterday’s storm.  Playing together with our friends sharing the sand pit toys, helping each other making sand cupcakes, filling trucks with sand, putting sand in the water puddles were their favourite spots for play this morning in playground plus much more. It was amazing to see our friends enjoying each others company, and getting all dirty. 🙂

The time flies when we are having fun with our friends, because soon enough it was Group time – Toilet/ nappy change / washing hands and morning tea time. In our group time today, we read the book “Spots spooky fun” where the little dog Spot and his friends get all dressed up for Halloween.

After group time we continued exploring and learning around here. The highlight of the day was:

 1 – Scoping a pumpkin – Using a little scoop for our friends to remove the seeds from inside the pumpkin to help Miss Simona make a Halloween pumpkin.

2 – Slime sensory play – Our friends were invited to dig their hands in a very sticky slime looking for spiders and bugs.

3 – Making ghosts sticky walls – Sticking cotton balls and white paper to create this big ghost to decorate our classroom for tomorrow.

4 – Hose play – We went to the big side open yard and because it was so hot, Miss Jade let us get the hose out and we had some fun water play! We all took turns using the different settings on the hose spraying the water and running through it as fast as we could.

We came in soaked before lunch time, so we quickly did our nappy and clothes changes and sat down to eat.

The toddlers were so excited to play and explore all the environment today!

There was so much going on, so much noise, so many smiles and laughs and so much fun around here on this day!

Now our little friends are resting on their beds – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!!

Just remember – Tomorrow will be our Halloween party!!!

With Love, Miss Gabi, Miss Simona and Miss Jade.