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Happy Thursday!

Today we welcomed into Toddlers; Millie, Halle, Abel, Thomas, Obi, Luna, Ariana, Bella, Delilah, Quintin, Augie and Liz! We started off our morning outdoors enjoying some time to explore our interests and start the morning off nice and slow. Our interests for the morning were; lining up at the slide all together taking turns, watching out for the horses, cooking in the water kitchen and the two wheel bikes.

When we transitioned we sang “Bee Bee” and slowly took turns singing out our name as loud as we could to then make our way indoors. For morning tea we found our favorite – banana, jam and crackers for morning tea! We enjoyed each other company during morning tea as we chatted about what we were going to achieve and do for the day!

After morning tea; we split into two groups of indoor and outdoor. Outdoors we enjoyed a session of Arakan with our coach and Miss Thais where we focused on our catching and throwing skills and indoors with Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi the children played in the home corner and book corner together.

Afterward, for activity time some of us finished off our surprise fathers day present with Miss Jordan and some of us enjoyed outdoor play with Miss Lauren and Miss Maddi. During outdoor play, we split into 2 smaller groups. In the Big Yard with Miss Lauren we practiced strengthening our fine motor skills with stacking wooden blocks and in the toddler yard with Miss Maddi the children practiced their fine motor skills drawing their own pictures.

The children are really enjoying small group activity time lately and we are able to really spend quality time with new friends that we may not play with all of the time!

After our small group times, we all joined together for spontaneous play before filling our bellies with Loaded Butter Chicken for lunch and quiet rest time! The children have been showing good skills this week by sitting for longer at the table. The children are also using more words and manners when they want more food.

We will see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi xx