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Hello , Hello Parents and Families – Happy Thursday 🙂

A warm welcome from Toddlers!

Happy International Day of Friendship

What amazing learning and play time we had today. We began our day in the yard area with our friends from next door (Toddlers 2) – The children really enjoyed the free playtime in the playground area. They all got excited to go outside and choose the self-selected play. We played with Trucks in the sandpit – jumped over the obstacle course – practiced blowing bubbles – rode bikes around the yard and went down the slide.

This morning in our group time we decided to make some noise. Everybody came inside to sit down on the mat and each child had the opportunity to choose one of the musical instruments. Then we started to sing children’s songs like “Three little monkeys jumping in the bed” – “ Old McDonald had a farm” and “ ABC “ song. They get engaged in the group time and they all try to sing the lyrics. In the end of the group time we all stood up to dance and sing together. Was a beautiful moment and was so nice to see the children connect with the music.

After morning tea time our little friends became archaeologists – They had the opportunity to excavate the skeleton of a dinosaur out of the ice blocks.  Miss Gabi set up a nice tray with the ice blocks and give appropriate tools for the children to take the dinosaur out of the ice.  The children worked in small groups with Miss Gabi’s assistance the whole time and they took turns at waiting to participate in the experience.  The children loved it – they enjoyed the whole process until the dinosaur started to melt, they also enjoyed the feel of the cold in their hands and looked for different solutions on how to make the ice melt quickly. 🙂

What a busy morning!!  So much has gone on with lots of fun around here!!

Now our little friends are resting on their bed and listening to a relaxing song to recharge their energy for another adventure this afternoon.

Check out the photos

With Love Miss Steph, and Miss Gabi, Layne