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Good afternoon, Toddler One families!

We started our day inside as it was raining. As the children arrived, they enjoyed exploring the room through free play. We had fun cooking and feeding babies, reading books in home corner and building blocks at the table. Miss Jordan then put chairs on the mat to create a bus. The children were amazing at singing and doing the actions to wheels on the bus. We then sang along to other cocomelon songs which the children were very happy about as they yelled “cocomelon!”

Morning teatime! After packing away the room to our clean up song we sat on the mat with Miss Lauren for group time. We sang ‘open shut them’ and read a story about being kind. We then sang ‘bee bee bumble bee’ as the children went to wash their hands. Morning tea today was breaky muffins and bananas.

Arakan arrived as soon as we finished morning tea, the children really enjoyed it today and burnt off lots of energy. While the children were busy doing Arakan, Miss Lauren made some playdoh and set it up at the table. August, Winston, Halle, Valencia, Delilah, Archie, Charlie, Obi and Olivia stayed at the playdoh table for most of the morning. They used their fine motor skills to roll balls, use the scissors to cut the playdoh, use shape cutters and to use the rolling pins. It was a nice calm table with the children concentrating on their masterpieces.

While some of our friends were at the playdoh table, everyone else was having a dace party on the mat. Miss Jordan put on some dance music and brought out the dress ups and a disco ball! The children had the best time dressing up and dancing together. Quintin, Parker and Liz had a few outfit changes. Bella and Luna loved the beautiful princess dresses. Diego and Thomas were busy playing in home corner and with the construction blocks instead.

At around 10:30am it had dried up enough to go outside. We cleaned the room and put sunscreen on. The children couldn’t wait to get outside after being inside all morning. Outside the children were busy riding bikes, zooming down the slide, having fun on the swing and creating in the sandpit.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. Miss Thais read a book called wheels and then everyone took turns coming inside to wash their hands for lunch. Lunch today was Crispy potato rosti and chicken pom poms with a salad bar. It was then time to rest our bodies after our busy morning. We can’t to have more fun this afternoon and hopefully play outside before it rains.

Thank you all for a great day!

Much love; Miss Thais, Miss Jordan, Miss Lauren and Miss Storm.