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Welcome to a terrific Thursday here in the Toddler Room. After our Morning Tea, Yarn Time and applying sunscreen, the children all rushed out to see Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN session. The children practised their gross motor running and balancing skills as they listened carefully to Mr Dan’s directions. Once ARAKAN had finished, the children transitioned into the other yard for a play!

Since it was a warm day, we decided a little water play would be fun. The children helped wipe out the water trough and watched as Miss Jess filled it with some water. They were straight into the water, splashing it around and watching as the water dripped off their hands. Miss Steph placed some cups and sieves in the water trough while Miss Leesa added some boats for the children to use. The Toddlers spent a great deal of time pouring the water, transferring it from container to the next and driving the boats down the ramp and into the water.

When our water play experience ended, Miss Steph and Miss Jess tipped the water into the sandpit so the children could utilise the wet sand for building. Miss Steph then took the Toddler Friends on a Bear Hunt! They went through mud, grass and snow before ending up at the bears cave. But the bear wasn’t home so everyone hung out until the bear (Miss Jess) arrived back and had tea with the children.

Soon it was time to transition indoors to wash our hands and get ready for lunch. Everyone sat down to eat a delicious meal of nachos and salad before hopping on their beds for a rest.

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess & Miss Steph