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Good afternoon!

Happy Thursday Friends and Family!

This morning we welcomed Onyx, Tua, Isabelle, Nayla, Quintin, Millie, Bella, Lara, Nikora, Lincoln, Ivy, Alia, Ariana, Ruby and Abel. We received a lot of rain last night so while it was still this morning we made our way outdoors for morning play. Our friends showed a lot of interest in playing chase on the bikes, running up and down the bridge, and sandpit cooking. After loving spontaneous play we sat down together for transition time; where we read the ever so famous ‘follow that tiger’ – Miss Maddi gave our friends a few options of different books but we insisted on ‘follow that tiger’!

After transitioning and morning tea we had martial arts! We practiced hitting the pads with our right hand, the left and then both at the same time; this helped our friends strengthen co-ordination skills. For group time today we played “Find the tiger!” – As our friends are enjoying the book we thought that we will make our own tiger hunt where we hid tiger pictures outside and our friends had to find! It was a perfect opportunity for the children to work together and use teamwork! Our friends then enjoyed free play outdoors before transitioning inside for lunch and rest!

We have enjoyed spending a lot of time outside today as the weather was cooler and refreshing. Seen you tomorrow friends!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla.