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Good afternoon and happy Thursday!!!

As it was a chilly morning we started off indoors to keep cosy until the weather warmed up some more! As the morning went on; we welcomed Bella, Tua, Lara, Nikora, Isabelle, Ariana, Quintin, Delilah, Millie, Abel, Thomas, Ruby, Alia and Augie from B3!!

Outdoors this morning our friends enjoyed a slow morning; we read with Miss Gabi, watching the horses having their breakfast, doubling up on bikes, saying hello to the babies and all squeezing on the swing with Miss Jordan. We really enjoyed our sunny morning outdoors after the rain yesterday! Before we transitioned inside for morning tea we had Arrakan, we are loving having it each week and our friends are improving each time! Our hand – eye coordination and strength is building more and more!

After enjoying Homemade beans on sourdough for morning tea; we sat in book corner to practice a mediation and read “My Mums Magnificent” with Miss Maddi. We talked about our mums and how much we love them! Then, for group time we split our friends into outdoor and indoor groups where we rotated regularly. Outdoor we practiced body movements and balance by listening to songs and following Miss Steph and Indoors we finished off our mothers day presents. Our friends are so excited to give the presents to their mums! Afterwards we all joined together outside to enjoy spontaneous and free play with T2 before a big meal of Chickadee bites and vegie prorice for lunch.

See you soon everyone!

Much Love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Steph