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Good afternoon everyone, happy Thursday!

On this beautiful morning we welcomed; Alia, Ivy, Lincoln, Tua, Bella, Nayla, Abel, Quintin. Isabelle, Delilah, Lara, Nikora and Millie.

We loved a peaceful and perfect temperature morning outdoors where our friends enjoyed playing all together swinging on the swing, doubling up on bikes and exploring the sandpit next to the to basket full of sandpit toys.

Before we transitioned indoors for morning tea it was our turn for Arakan – all of our friends listened well to instructions and are improving so much each session! We then found a spot in the shade to read “We are going on a bear hunt” and to sing “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to transition inside for morning tea.

After morning tea Miss Thais sat down on the mat with the children to enjoy trying out different musical instruments to see what sounds we could make with each instrument; it was so fun to watch all of our friends reactions! For our activity, we practiced learning self-help/life skills of cleaning!! We did this by scrubbing and wiping down our chairs; we all enjoyed helping each other and of course the water play side of it too! We then enjoyed more spontaneous play outdoors with T2 before lunchtime.

During transition time Nayla sat up the front of the group and sung “bee bee – whats your name – and go and wash hands!” All of the children were so engaged and loved it! We are going to do this more often and let our friends be in charge of singing ‘bee bee’, it will help to build their confidence all while having fun!

Our friends are now resting with full bellies, see you tomorrow!

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan