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Good afternoon and happy Thursday!

This morning we welcomed; Abel, Augie, Delilah, Diego, Quintin, Millie, Ariana, Halle, Liz, Luna, Bella, Ruby, Lara and Thomas! We started our morning off indoors as we played with the zippy scooters, baby dolls and our beautiful wooden trucks! When it warmed up some more we went outdoors for a play were our friends showed interest in the big diggers, throwing balls on the roofs with Miss Jess, sandpit cooking and of course the swing! As the morning went by, it was time for Arakan where wee practiced in two groups. Our friends are doing so well at listening for longer and perfecting the techniques we have been learning!

Afterwards we sat down with Miss Maddi and sung “can you put your fingers on your nose, tummy and ears – to turn on your listening ears!”. This helped us transition indoors with “Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ to enjoy Creamy Pear Quinoa Porridge for morning tea.


After morning tea, we made our way back outdoors. Our friends were calm and loving the outdoor environment early this morning, so we decided to enjoy our activity and play outside all together! For our activity our friends found an drawing experience prepared by Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi. As its NAIDOC week we practiced Aboriginal Symbols that we have seen whilst dot painting during the week. It was a lovely opportunity to chat and draw with our friends in nature and appreciating the land we live on. We then enjoyed spontaneous play together before sitting down with Miss Thais to read “Wheels” ,  “Construction” and “Tom Goes To the Toilet” before singing “Bee Bee” for lunch.

For lunch today we ate Roast Vegie Avocado and Pesto Grills  – it was delicious!


We are now resting and we will see you this afternoon!


Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi