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Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!

What a beautiful morning we all had together😊 this morning with great big smiles we welcomed into Toddlers one Quintin, Halle, Ariana, Liz, Obi, Isabella, Luna, Millie, August, Diego, Delilah, Abel, Thomas, and Ruby. As the weather has been so nice lately, we began our day exploring the outdoor yard, we enjoyed playing on the obstacle course, sitting together whilst reading in the nice warm sun, drawing with one another and sliding down the slides super-fast!! We also got to enjoy Arakan this morning which our friends love! They are all getting so well at this. Before we knew it, it was time for us to gather together to enjoy group time where we went to the stage with Miss Thais and read the books “Kindness” and “Lovely”. The children were really engaged during this group time we also talked to them about how to be gentle and kind with our friends and family. We sang “If you happy and know it” and “hello how are you”, then our favorite “bee bee bumble bee” before transitioning inside to find “Magic Breaky muffins” for morning tea today.

As today is “are you okay” day we decided to split into two different groups for activity time with a group of us going outside into the double slide yard with Miss Maddi and Jordan were we sat together and talked about all the different feelings we have and the went through the different feeling faces, we also went through our “feelings” posters and our friends mentions how each poster was feeling whether they were “happy, sad, angry, excited or scared”. Whilst another group stayed inside with Miss Thais and Jin getting to enjoy spontaneous play around the room and making different faces with playdough together.

After activity time we all made our way into the toddler’s yard to enjoy spontaneous play enjoying, racing the bikes around the track, swinging high on the swing, and building sandcastles in the sandpit. Before sitting down as one to read a book called “When I am feeling happy” before washing our hands and making our way inside to eat up “Crispy Potato Rosti and Vegie Pom Poms” for our lunch today.

We are now resting our bodies ready for another fun adventure outdoors this afternoon.

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, and Maddi xo