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Hi there families! We hope you are having as fantastic a Friday as we are.

Today since Toddler two didn’t have as many friends today we decided to combine for the day! The children were so excited, they love playing and learning together. We began our day with a play outside as usual, with bikes, sandpit play and the climbing obstacle course.

We then transitioned to the table for morning tea, washing our hands with soap and singing our hand washing song, and then getting our drink bottles ready for some yummy mango jelly, crackers and banana.

We have been practicing using our manners this week, and have been trying to remind our friends to say please and thank you. As well as manners we have been encouraging our friends to “be kind” to one another, yesterday we showed the children a story called “Be kind” which talked about what is kindness? what does it mean to be kind? and asking the children what sort of things might be considered not kind.

We decided since we were combined that we would stay outside to do our learning activity today. Since it is reconciliation week we have been showing the children the Aboriginal Flag and some Indigenous music. Today we decided to collage the Aboriginal flag, using a template of the flag, the children then used glue and bits of red, yellow and black paper to complete it. The children loved using the glue all on their own and used their fine motor skills to pick up the pieces of paper and stick them down. Perhaps next week we might try our hand at some painting!

We also did some dancing to the wiggles! “Rockabye your bear” “Fruit Salad” and “Big red car” were some of the favourites. This afternoon we might get out some rainbow playdough so that we can see how different colours mix together.

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see you again next week.

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Thais xxx