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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today we welcomed Quintin, August, Millie, Halle, Diego, Ariana, Liz, Luna, Charlie, Isabella, Abel, Ruby and Thomas. We started our day playing outdoors. The swing has been popular recently with our friends choosing to play on it most of the time. Miss Thais played “We are going on a bear hunt” and “We are walking in the jungle”, so all the children decided to follow the leader and follow the instructions very carefully.

Miss Maddi did our group time outdoors today, we read “Toilet time” and sang “bee bee” before we came inside for morning tea which was a delicious apple, chia, and date pancakes. Our friends enjoyed this so much.

After morning tea Miss Thais sat us down for group time together where we sang our “Good morning song” our friends are getting really good at singing along with us! We also have been practicing “Acknowledgement to country” during our group times. Miss Thais then got the different feeling faces out and spoke to the children about emotions. To extend on this we asked the children “What makes you happy”, Ruby replied with “my mum and dad” along with our other friends.

For our activity today we had three tables set up for the children to explore and pick what they would like to do, our first activity was clay – our friends have been loving playing with clay recently with them all using their imagination to make different things such as snakes, birthday cakes for one another and snowman’s out of the clay! We also had a painting table set up for them to enjoy some free painting, when we asked what our friends were painting Augie replied with “me” and Halle said she was painting a “crocodile”. We also had the feeling faces set up for our friends to have a closer look at, Liz, Millie and Abel sat together pulling the different faces they saw and pointed out the different colours each face was.

After we got to enjoy our activities, we ventured outside together to enjoy the nice warm weather with Toddlers 2, before sitting down all together ready to enjoy “Supercharged Spaghetti bolognase” which all our friends loved! We are now all resting our bodies ready for another busy afternoon playing together! See you all soon 😊.

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi