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Happy Birthday to Vaughn who is turning 3 today but who wont be joining us until Thursday where we can’t wait to wish him massive Birthday wishes.

The children really loved making birthday card paper in the trough today, since it’s lots of our friends birthdays coming up we’ve been decorating them and practicing singing Happy Birthday.


Next we are playing sleeping bunnies from having a really adventurous go outside in the backyard. Then we extended from our adventure outside and went on a bear hunt through the swishy grass.

Miss Gabi really knows how to draw a crowd and get the children involved in fun and games with the magnetic shape connectors which are proving to be a popular game at the minute. At the other table just across the way we set up kinetic moon sand which was exciting and thrilling by the looks of the picture with the number of children enjoying this and wanting to join in. This was definitely a popular choice.

Love Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx