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Happy Tuesday Families and Friends!
Welcome from the toddlers one classroom.


Another beautiful learning morning around here today- We started our day in the classroom exploring the environment and searching for their self selected toys and interests.  As usual, playing with babies, dolls house, hide and seek, jumping and trucks and trains were the children’s favourite picks.

The time past so fast when we are having fun with our friends – Then was time to pack away the classroom and start our daily routine – Washing hands/ toilet time/ change nappy and morning tea time. Patiently all our friends sat down on the mat to wait their turn and sang ” bee bee bumble bee” waiting for their time to sing their names to go for washing their hands.

After morning tea our adventure kept going around here extending from our ball game we practised throwing and catching the balls to one and other. Setting the babies with their balls at the table and then we headed outside for some real physical activity.


We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we have here,

Love Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xx