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Good afternoon and happy Tuesday from Toddlers One!

Wow, what a beautiful day we have had together! We started off our morning indoors welcoming; Millie, Thomas, Charlie T, Ruby, Diego, Abel, Bella, Halle, Liz, Augie, Luna, Charlie N, Ariana and Quintin. Indoors, our friends traced our new tool set trolley with Miss Thais as we talked about what each tool did and its name. We also loved carting around our construction trolleys and finding things to fix along the way!

After enjoying pour busy morning indoors; we started group time where we read “Wheels” in preparation for the surprise visit from the fire truck today! Miss Thais also engaged at this time with the children and asked them some questions “What colour is the rubbish truck?” Abel said “yellow” and then Miss Thais asked them “What colour is the Fire truck?” Ruby and Millie said “red”. After our group time, we then transitioned to wash our hands and enjoy Coconut Strawberry Delight Bar for morning tea. After morning tea Miss Emma came to our Room and invited us to see the Fire Truck! The children got really excited at this time and we all got ready – shoes and hats on to adventure outdoor and see the Fire Truck!

Later in the morning, we came back to the Room when Miss Thais prepared our “matching activity table”. The children were really engaged during this matching game and they all helped each other working as a team. We also had a clay table for the one who loves sensory activities. Our friends also expressed interest in the transport station, magnets, the cork stacking blocks and books!

The time flew and was lunch time. We had our favourite menu today which was Vegan Pizza! With our full belly, we went straight to our beds. After rest time we are also helping to pack away our bed sheets and belongings and the children are also working in teams helping each other.

Please if we don’t have your family photo yet in our tree could you please bring it to us?! I would love to see all the families on our wall! =)

Love Miss Thais, Jordan, Maddi