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Hi friends and family!

We have had a beautiful and busy Tuesday. This morning we welcomed our friends out into the yard where we explored the obstacle track and loved running up and down the bridge yelling “woooohooooo”! As it always does time flew this morning and it was time to sit down for songs and transition time. Miss Jordan helped our friends sing ‘Hello How are You?’ and ‘Bee Bee’.

As its pancake day, we had delicious pancakes for breakfast; they were very delicious! During group time; Miss Jordan read to us ‘follow that tiger’ – we have been reading it a lot but our friends LOVE it and keep requesting it!

Today is also a very special day because it is Miss Thais’ birthday!! Even Though she is away we sang her happy birthday and for our group time activity, we coloured in ‘Happy Bday Thais’ letters for her to see when she comes back on Thursday! Miss Jade came into our room for a special visit today too, she is a master at making playdough so of course, she made us some and our friends made their own pancakes. After group time we made our way outside for some more spontaneous play. We enjoyed playing chase on our bikes, playing with the hose with Miss Maddi, watering the plants, and reading books with Miss Dominique.

We sat down together and practiced mediation and an affirmation to calm down our bodies to slowly transition inside for a big lunch and rest time!

Have a beautiful afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Dominique.