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Good afternoon friends and family!

Today is Miss Kylie’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thankyou for everything you do for us, you are amazing! This morning was a warm and cosy morning in T1, we welcomed our friends Isabelle, Nikora, Ruby, Ariana, Bella, Millie, Abel, Ivy, Quintin, Nayla, Tua, Alia, Orion and Rosie.

We had a lot of rain last night so we decided to stay indoors until the yard was safe to explore. While we waited we enjoyed drawing, Isabelle practiced writing ‘Mum’, Tua liked the playing with the cars on new wooden bridge and Ruby and Orion loved dancing to Moana! By this time we were able to go outdoors where we waited for the rest of our friends to arrive. After enjoying spontaneous play outdoors it was time to transition inside for morning tea, we read “Celeste the giraffe makes everyone laugh” and sung “Hammer Hammer” and “BEE BEE” – Abel helped lead our friends in song!

For group time this morning Miss Shae read to our friends in book corner “Little Bear say Please” and “Follow that Tiger” – Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan are going to take tiger on an adventure soon too so keep your eyes peeled for the next picture of tiger!!

For our activity today; Miss Tayla and Miss Shae took 7 of our friends to the double slide yard for free play while also having rainbow wooden shape blocks and interlocking shapes to play with. Bella and Ariana had a blast going down the slide multiple times. Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi stayed with afew friends inside making our handprint canvas for Miss Kylie; Millie, Ivy, Rosie and Nayla were fascinated by watching the paint be on there fingers to the canvas.

Afterwards we went outdoors before lunch and rest time, Nikora is getting so fast on his bike racing around the track – hes having so much fun. Quintin and Rosie have been enjoying exploring the sandpit by themselves and with friends too. It beautiful to see the children play with friends and also in their own space as they feel comfortable to do so!

Before we knew it was time for lunch! We transitioned indoors for Make your own falafel wraps and rest time.

We will see you this afternoon!

Over and Out – Toddlers One X