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Hello everyone!

What a beautiful day we all had together 😊. Today we welcomed into our room Ariana, Halle, Quintin, Archie, Charlie, August, Isabella, Luna, Liz, Diego, Abel, Ruby, and Abraham. We began our morning exploring the outdoors where we got to enjoy building sandcastles in the sand pit, filling the big diggers together, and enjoying riding the sea saws and chasing one another around the playground! After we all got to appreciate spontaneous play outdoors in the warm weather we gathered together for our group time – our friends have been doing really well during our group times all using their listening ears and engaging in stories and songs – today for our group time we read a story called “ dinoshapes”, sang “hello how are you” and “bee bee” to transition inside for our delicious morning tea which was “ Homemade beans on sough dough Turkish” which they all loved!

After we finished morning tea, our friends got to enjoy some spontaneous play within the room where they showed great interest in home corner, they all love looking after the baby dolls and putting them to sleep, they also loved building in construction corner together building super tall towers!! After we all enjoyed spontaneous play with one another we then all ventured outside where Miss Thais had set up and amazing science experiment for the children to watch and engage in which was our very own erupting volcano!! We used vinegar, baking soda and red food coloring to create the “lava”. The children loved this experiment so much all getting excited when the “lava” was coming out of the sand all asking for more and laughing with one another when they saw it coming all saying, “its coming” and “wow”. After the experiment, the children got engaged in the sandpit role playing with dinosaurs, leaves and wooden pieces. On Thursday we will be continuing using the dinosaurs experiment… Get tune for it!

After enjoying our activity outside we made our way back inside to enjoy “Rainbow sushi bowls” for lunch today – we are now all resting our bodies ready for another busy and fun afternoon playing outdoors with our toddler 2 friends. See you all soon 😊

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi, and Jordan