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Good afternoon and happy Tuesday to you!

Today we welcomed; Tua, Orion, Ruby, Charlie, Ariana, Bella, Isabelle, Abel, Millie, Nikora, Alia, Augie, Rosie and Thomas.
This morning we started our day outdoors where our friends took interest in the bikes, looking out for the red tractor in the neighbouring paddock and balancing on the obstacle course! When it was time to transition indoors we sang “loud roar and quiet roar” , “Put your fingers on your eyes, nose, tummy and Ears” – which lead us to our daily affirmations of “I am Kind, loving, gentle and beautiful”.

For morning tea; we enjoyed Blissful Blueberry, Apple, Ginger Seedy Slice!
For group time today we split into two groups, indoors on one table we made stars with playdough to extend on space and on another table we had indigenous sensory bags!
Outdoors we enjoyed building and stacking blocks to see how high we could make them and then stack them over!!
Afterwards we met back together and enjoyed spontaneous play outdoors before reading “Roar” and then transitioning indoors to enjoy Greek Spanakopita Parcels for lunch!
See you this afternoon!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi