After a morning spent exploring the outside yard, the Toddlers transitioned inside for our morning Yarn Time. The Toddlers sang along to a few favourite songs before washing hands for our yummy morning tea. Once the Toddler Friends had finished eating, Miss Leesa gathered the bucket of Lego for the children to utilise. Towers were made, trucks were accessorised and farms built all using Lego and the children’s imagination. The children have been practicing how to play in pairs and small groups. The books were very popular this morning, with most of the children spending some of their time reading today. Home Corner was another popular area today. The children tended to the baby dolls and even role played being a baby.

Miss Gabby then walked in to start our weekly Yoga session. The children have missed Miss Gabby while she was away sick. They got straight into her trolley, helping set up the mats and other props. Once the music started, the children were all ears and followed her directions carefully. After yoga had finished, the children participated in another Yarn Time. Miss Leesa had her bag of puppets and the children sung along to some fun nursery rhymes before practicing our transition songs for washing their hands for lunch.

 Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess