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Hello everyone and welcome to another fun day of playing and learning. We started our day off with some dancing. Ryan was wiggling his elephants tail here, there and everywhere while grooving to the beat. Harvey spent a fair bit of time in art area, drawing lots of pictures! After a delicious morning tea, the children gathered the dinosaurs off the shelf and brought them down to the mat. There was a lot of roaring happening on the mat as Ivy was checking all the dinosaurs teeth. Joseph took a leaf out of Ivy’s book and gave the dinosaurs a thorough health check. Miss Nikki sat with Harper and Charlotte as they undressed and re-dressed some of the baby dolls. Taran role-played in Home Corner as the local shop-keep. Hendrix had some chill-out time in book area.  Miss Jess and the children started working on the children’s Father’s Day presents. But it’s a surprise, so we’re not showing many photos.

Soon it was time for Yoga with Miss Gabby. The children stretched and posed along with Miss Gabby. After Yoga, it was Yarn Time. Miss Nikki read the children two books, ‘My Dinosaur Dad’ and ‘Who Sank The Boat?’ We then transitioned outdoors where Miss Jess had set up an activity to extend on our Floating and Sinking experiment from last Tuesday. Using the water trough, a boat and 3 of the animals from the book ‘Who Sank The Boat’, the children took turns trying to balance the animals on top of the boat to see if that animal would sink the boat. Evie took great delight in piling all the animals onto to boat, just like in the book. William couldn’t wait to have his turn, he even parked the boat back onto the boat ramp after he had finished!

Wow. What an exciting day we had here today.

Love Miss Jess & Miss Nikki