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Good Afternoon Families, and welcome to the Toddlers One blog for Tuesday the 20th of October, 2020.

What a wonderful day we have had today! We were blessed with beautiful warm weather this morning, perfect for playing outside in the sandpit! We loved exploring the yard and greeting our friends as they arrived. Our favourite activities today were; Running races along the bouncy bridge, taking turns at pushing and sitting on the swing, and making ‘pink cakes’ in the sandpit, using all of the cooking utensils. We had a new educator join us today named Miss Stacey. She is from one of our other centres and it was so much fun playing and getting to know you all!

At 9:30am we were well and truly ready to go inside where we were greeted by Miss Gabi, waiting for us on the mat for a group time. Lots of our friends have dressed up for book week this week, and we all think you look fabulous! To help celebrate book week, our friends have also brought in some books from home for us to read which was super exciting!

This mornings books were brought in by Harrison and Poppy. We read the story of ten dinosaurs, and Always Hug a Unicorn. Poppy also brought in the popular book, ‘Thelma the Unicorn,’ which is all about sef love and acceptance.

Once we had finished our food we all did an excellent job of scraping our plates, and putting our drink bottles away, and then it was time to explore our room with the wonderful activities and experiences that Miss Simona and Miss Gabi had set up for us for the day.

We had three main intentional teaching activities today which were;

  1. Unicorn Paintings: using glitter paint and sand. This was a great way to focus on our fine motor skills, creativity and was a great sensory activity, feeling the grittiness of the sand on the paper and on our hands.
  2. Dinosaur Sensory Discovery Trough: With Kinetic Sand, leaves, branches, fake flowers and grass, with toy dinosaurs and other animas including elephants and crocodiles. This activity was focused on building the children’s imagination and incorporating pretend play into their daily programme. This activity also taught children about sustainability and the use of recycled items and natural resources.
  3. Dinosaur Fossil Playdough Exploration – In small groups, the children sat at the table with Miss Simona with playdough utensils discovering hidden dinosaurs and bones that were inside of the playdough. The children had to use their cognitive thinking skills to be resourceful to try, using their hands and using the tools provided to discover the hidden toys. This was a great way to spark conversation between the children and was an excellent way to engage in learning relationships not only with their educator, but also with their peers.

Before we knew it, the clean up song began to play which meant it was time to tidy away and prepare ourselves to go outside for a play! We put on our hats, took a big sip of water and went outside to explore the yard whilst Miss Simona set up our beds for us.

For lunch we enjoyed pasta and vegetables. It was super yummy! Some of us only preferred the plain pasta, but we really encouraged all our friends to try our yummy meal and we did so well!

Our friends that stayed away during rest time enjoyed some quiet play helping Miss Gabi display our jelly fish in the bathroom, playing with blocks and singing Ring-a-Rosie.

When we wake up we can’t wait to enjoy some afternoon tea and prepare ourselves for a fun afternoon outside enjoying this warmer weather.

Thank you for a fabulous day Toddlers one. It’s been such a fun day playing and learning with you all!

Have a nice night!

Miss Gabi, Miss Simona and Miss Stacey x