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Happy Tuesday parents and friends 🙂

A warm welcome form toddlers classroom.


Another wonderful day around here today – Our morning started with a big play in the playground with every child from toddlers joining.

Today we used the playdough as a tool for practiced cutting skills and fine motor skills. The children rolling the playdough on the table made a “snake monster” and after that with a proper playdough scissor they cut the “monster” in little parts.

Asked for Miss Emma help to construction the train lines the children laid in the floor close to lines to be easily to run with the little trains over the tracks. They made a long train track and very friendly they took turns for the trains run in the track. With a big small the children were got so impress about big train line they made.

When we were outside, we blew bubbles, rode some bikes, went on the slide, and had a swing. Before we came inside we all sat down on the step and sang our morning songs, our good morning song, our acknowledgement to country and when it was time to come inside, we washed our hands, sung our hand washing song and grabbed our drink bottles ready to sit down for morning tea.

We hope you all had a fabulous day as we have here.

Love Miss Steph, Gabi and Hope xxx