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Good afternoon everyone!!

This morning we welcomed Ivy, Tua, Lincoln, Ruby, Alia, Isabelle, Ariana, Isabella, Onyx, Nikora, Millie, Orion and Nayla. We started our morning playing in the Toddler 2 room before having a run around outside, our friends really enjoyed the water play and sandpit area. Miss Thais then sat us all down to sing “hello how are you” and “bee bee bumble bee” before transitioning inside to enjoy some yummy morning tea.

After morning tea we enjoyed free play with Miss Jordan and Miss Taylor, our friends loved playing with the baby’s doll, so we decided to get more baby accessories and feed the babies and change their nappies. The home corner was also popular today, where the children role-play cooking barbecue.

We are celebrating “International Mother Language” this week. So Miss Thais has been sharing about her culture (Brazilian) with us through Brazilian nursery rhymes and also teaching us about the big holiday that we celebrate in Brazil in February called “Carnival”. Later in the morning was our activity time where we split the children between indoor and outdoor and we created some “carnival masks” for our big “Carnival party” on Friday. The children loved to decorate the masks using different colours of glitter and also sticking some feathers.

The time went so fast and we decided to play with some wooden instruments that Miss Thais got for us. We are also getting more familiar with the instruments.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi, Miss Jordan