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Good afternoon friends and family! Happy Tuesday!!

What another rainy day we have had, we’ve stayed safe, dry and warm indoors today.

This morning we welcomed;  Nayla, Quintin, Rosie, Ruby, Bella, Ariana, Isabelle, Orion, Millie, Nikora, Tua, Alia and Ivy. Indoors this morning our friends enjoyed reading books with Miss Rose, the construction corner, sensory tiles and bottles and sitting in home corner together. For transition time into morning tea our friends sat down together for group time with Miss Maddi where we read ‘froggy green’ and ‘Piranahs don’t eat bananas’, Miss Maddi asked our friends a few questions to help recognize the weather – like ‘is it rainy or sunny’ ‘it is dark or bright outside’.

After morning tea, we enjoyed activity time and spontaneous play indoors. Firstly we had playdough which helped our friends strengthen their fine motor skills and learn how to make new shapes and use scissors. Afterwards we rolled out a long roll of paper and glued different pictures of people cut outs we found in magazines to extend on harmony week! In between activities our friends showed a lot of interest in the puzzles and the train tracks.

When it was time to almost have lunch our friends sat down with Miss Thais as she showed us a special picnic basket full of beautiful wooden food toys. We then sat quietly again together to help calm our friend’s little bodies down. We practiced a mediation, sung some Brazilian songs and then transitioned over to wash hands and have lunch together!

Our friends are resting and will be awake soon in time for more play and craziness!

See you tomorrow friends

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Rose xx