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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed Quintin, Millie, Orion, August, Rosie, Ariana, Thomas, Nikora, Isabella, Abel, Tua, Ruby, Isabelle, Charlie and Alia. We started the day enjoying the Toddlers Yard. The children have been practicing their balance with the new two wheels bikes which is a little challenge for them! They also showed interest our new BIG diggers and they love transporting leaves and sand in them!

When it was time to transition indoors we read “Whats the animal noise” and our friends loved repeating and copying the animal sounds after Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan. We then sung “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” and washed our hands to enjoy Blissful Apple Blueberry and Ginger Seedy Slice for morning tea.

We started our group activity time this morning by sitting in book corner, turning our listening ears on and reading “Teeth are not for biting”. We then asked our friends who would like to stay indoors or go outside. We had some friends stay in and others outdoor and then we all decided we wanted to enjoy the fresh air all together! Outdoors; Miss Thais extended on Reconciliation week, we we on an adventure together to find different shaped leaves where we then dipped in paint; the colours of the Aboriginal Flag – black, red and yellow. We enjoyed making the different shapes and sizes of leaf prints. We also enjoyed more of the bikes, playing “find my friends” and sandpit cooking.

After a busy morning of play we sat dpwn together in the shade and sung “Hammer Hammer” “Incy Wincy’ and “Bee Bee” to transition indoors for Scrumptious Greek Spanakota Parcels for lunch !

See you this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan