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Good afternoon,

Today we welcomed Thomas, Abel, Ruby, Charlie, Diego, Luna, Isabella, Halle, Liz, August, Ariana and Quintin. We started our morning inside the room engaging in puzzles and musical instruments.

When we packed away and transitioned outdoors we enjoyed the swing and our 2 wheels bikes. Diego was very focused on carrying the big wheelbarrows around the bike track, so we decided to use it for our activity time.

Before transitioning to indoors Miss Maddi read the Book “Construction” and Abel said “Its my favourite book!”. After reading it, Miss Thais explained the activity. This week we are celebrating  Early Learning Matters, so today the topic was “transporting”. Miss Thais then asked the children if they would like to build a house. They all said “YES”. So before our activity that our friends were very excited about we enjoyed Delicious Apple, Chia and Date Pancakes for morning tea before getting in group time.

For our group time, we split the children in 2 groups- outdoor and indoor. The activity outdoor was transporting the big blocks in the wheelbarrows and then building a house in the big side yard and indoors was finishing off our Olympic symbol paintings. The children enjoyed moving in between indoor and outdoor environments this morning. After our activities, we all transitioned outdoors to play all together before enjoying Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch.

We will see you all soon!

Much love from TD1 xx