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Hello and welcome!

Today we made it our mission to get outside having a massive exploration time in the yard. We rock and rolled up and down on the see saw jumping off the obstacle course and creating a course over humps and bumps to play with cars. Today for group time Miss Steph brought in a book that her nephew adored all about transport and different makes and models of vehicles. It is true to say that everybody here also adored it before the rain came and kept us from going out this afternoon we made sure we had a read of the book before coming inside to start our activities on the agenda. Today Miss Simona arranged an activity on the mat extending the children’s interest making a road from carpet samples, recycled boxes and tubes for tunnels and a car/truck wash, crates for the shopping centre and zoo.  There was a train station and many people going about their daily business traveling to work on many modes of transport. The children used their imagination to create real life scenarios of their world around them. Also continuing from the Halloween theme and creating decorations for our room to celebrate we set out different coloured paints for the children to put their hands straight in and smother the paper with creating monsters. This provided a fabulous teachable moment to be free from control and express themselves passionately and as carefree as they liked. There was no paintbrush, rollers or any equipment of any sort set out on the table to use so they had to create everything from within themselves and how they were feeling at the time.

Take care Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx