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Hello families and friends and welcome to our day in Toddlers One.

When we were outside the children found it amusing to bury Harrison. They all helped to dig a massive hole for his legs to fit in and he put himself in with shoes and all still on.

Before we came inside we all sat down on the step and sang our good morning song, saying good morning to each of our friends and our days of the week song, did our acknowledgement to country and when it was time to come inside, we washed our hands, sung our hand washing song and grabbed our drink bottles ready to sit down for morning tea so that we know everyone is ready for their morning tea. Poppy, Luca, Chanel, Ryan, Harrison, Colton, Everlea, Banjo, Kennedy, Millie, Grace and Henry all enjoyed singing the wheels on the bus to transition to the bathroom. Then inside: Following the children’s interest in birds we decided today to get the children to do their interpretation of a magpie.