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Hello and happy Tuesday!!

Today we welcomed Liz, Quintin, Charlie, Archie, August, Winstin, Luna, Halle, Thomas, Abraham, Loki, and we also welcomed our new friends from babies 3 Parker, Bella, and Valencia into toddlers today. We started our beautiful morning off playing outdoors with our toddler two friends, we showed great interest in the sand pit, riding the two wheels bike, and balancing across the obstacle course. After enjoying spontaneous play outdoors, we gathered for group time where we sat with Miss Jordan and sang our “ABC’S”, “Hammer hammer” fast and slow version! and our favorite “bee bee bumble bee” to help transition indoors for our morning tea, today we got to enjoy “Make my own banana split” which we loved.

After packing away and enjoying our morning tea we decided to split into four different groups for our activity time today, with two groups going outdoors with Miss Lauren and Miss Storm to enjoy playing with different shapes in slime and making our own music with musical instruments which we all had so much fun doing! While we had another two groups indoors with Miss Jordan and Miss Lara enjoying making different shapes out of clay and sticking Velcro shapes and talking about the different colours and shapes we could see. Our friends are getting so clever at being able to pick out each colour. After enjoying activity time together, we all ventured outdoors to enjoy some more spontaneous play and a special puppet show performed by Miss Thais which the children really enjoyed watching😊!

After enjoying a busy morning indoors and out we sat together for group time where Miss Thais read to us “Toilet time” before singing some more songs to help us transition indoors to wash our hands and enjoy “Superhero Spelt pizza rolls” for lunch which we ate all up!!

We are now resting our busy bodies for another fun spontaneous afternoon outdoors; we will see you all very soon.

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, Lauren and Storm x