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In the morning children enjoyed starting the day in the outdoor area with our friends from Toddlers 2. The educators brought different ideas for art and craft activities to the outdoor area. One activity contained crayons and papers and the other was green paint and rollers with different prints. The children have been learning to wait for their turn and using their imagination to create the most amazing masterpiece.

In the indoor area our day started off with a mat session ready for a special occasion that brings the children into the wonderful world of books, traveling on the farm environment with What’s on my Farm” book and the song “Old McDonalds had a farm”. The children enjoyed listening to the story and singing along with their educators .With this opportunity the educators found the opportunity of introducing a new activity for tomorrows group session time “ Farm animals in the mud “ “Washing animals” using tooth brushes and soup.

For the group time Miss Steph organized a mini disco where the children enjoyed being together making different moves and singing, making friends holding hands in rhythm of the music. This activity is a good opportunity for children to make friends, to listen, to wait for their turn and learn physical activity.

Joy and happiness

From Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx