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Hello families and friends,

Today we welcomed Isabelle, Ariana, Rosie, Nayla, Orion, Ruby, Nikora, Millie, Isabella, Alia, Ivy, Tua, Abel and Quintin. The children started the morning exploring the Room and all the activities and opportunities to learning and play with. We have two tables settled up in the Room where they like building with Lego blocks and another table that they found some different shapes- puzzles and felt board.

Before morning tea we sang our nursery rhymes very excited and our famous “Bee bee bumble bee” to slowly transition to the toilet and wash our hands. After morning tea we split the children into two different groups and experiences- outdoor and indoor.

Indoor we had a table with painting and paper plates to create our Jellyfish with Miss Thais while outdoor Miss Jordan, Maddi and Tayla were looking for butterflies and birds with the children. We rotate the activities and environment, so everyone got the chance to paint and play outdoor.

The time flew and was lunch time. Miss Thais read more books for us before we transitioned again to the toilet, wash our hands properly and sit down to have some lunch. Our friends are getting the opportunity to choose what they want to eat during the meals and also helping themselves by using the tongs during the meal time.


Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi, Miss Jordan and Miss Tayla