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Good afternoon family and friends,

What a beautiful day we have shared together. This morning with open arms we welcomed in Ariana, Archie, Abel, Abraham, Bella, Charlie, Diego, Halle, Liz, Luna, Millie, and Thomas. We started our busy morning adventuring the outdoors where our friends showed interest in roleplaying with the baby dolls, baking in the sandpit and running and exploring the outdoors yard with our toddler 2 friends. We all enjoy our free spontaneous play of a morning letting out all our energy! After running around and enjoying the lovely weather. We all gathered for our special group time, where we sang our “ABC’s” and practiced counting to “10” all together! We then sat and read a story before singing “bee bee bumble bee” to transition inside for our delicious “Homemade beans on sourdough Turkish” which we all loved, eating it all up!!

For our activity time today, we split into 3 groups of 4. With Miss Thais having a group inside to do some very special painting that we can’t wait to show you all soon 😊 Miss Maddi took a group to the double slide yard where they got to enjoy running around and exploring the obstacle course, whilst another group ventured outdoors with Miss Jordan to play with the different coloured blocks set up for us to enjoy! We all got to have a go at each activity, which our friends loved!! Once enjoying some activity time with us all, we all made our way outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine. Were we raced around the tracks on the bikes, ran across the bridge and had a dance party with our toddler 2 friends, before making our way indoors to eat up our “Rainbow sushi bowls” for lunch time today.

We are now resting our bodies ready for some more fun adventures outdoors this afternoon, see you all soon!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, and Maddi