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Good afternoon families and friends,

I hope you had a great holiday. Today we welcomed Nikora, Rosie, Tua, Isabella, Isabelle, Millie, Nayla, Abel, Aria and Ivy. We started the day exploring inside the Room. We also helped Miss Gabi to made playdough this morning putting all the ingredients in a big container and mixing it.

We did a group time sitting on the mat where miss Thais asked the children how their weekends were and if the easter bunny came to their houses to visit them. They got really excited and all of them want to talk at the same time, so we took turns talking in public. The children who wanted to talk put their hands up and waited for their turn.

For activity time we did playdough and painting using toilet paper to make circle shapes. We did a lot of dancing and singing and enjoyed clap the bubbles from the bubble machine. We also had fun wearing the pirate’s hat and dancing along to our favorite songs.

We sang “Sleeping bunnies “ but in a new version we swap to “sleeping butterflies and sleeping elephants”, we then sang our favorite song “bee bee bumble bee” before our lunch and “If you happy and you know it clap your hands”

Now we are resting for more fun this afternoon!


Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Shain