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Happy Tuesday Parents and Friends 🙂
A warm welcome from toddlers one classroom!

Again, I just wanted to remind you all of our Christmas party coming up on Thursday. How time flies I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Just another playful and learning morning around here today! We began our day with our friends enjoying the inside environment – Building with magnetics shapes, meeting puzzles and playing with dinosaurs toys were the favourite experiences around here. Was beautiful to see our friends searching for their self interest games.

The time flies when we are having fun with our friends then was time to started our daily routines – Toilet/ nappy change/ washing hands / morning tea time and group time.

In our group time today we extend the children interest for the “Gingerbread Man” story book. Carefully and curious about the book our little friends nicely sat down on the mat to hear the book. They are loving this book and the adventures of Gingerbread Man,  each page they were paying attention and could listen and giggle saying ” Run run run as fast as you can – you can’t catch me – I am the ginger bread man” .

Then afterwards we are looking forward to icing the gingerbread men to be able to serve them at our Christmas party.


Love Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xx