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Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we welcomed Rosie, Ruby, Isabelle, Nikora, Diego, Quintin, Ariana, Isabella, August, Tua, Millie, Thomas, Abel and Alia into Toddlers One today.  This morning we started our day off inside the classroom where it was nice and warm! Our friends really enjoyed playing in home corner and book corner this morning before we transition outside for a play! Our friends loved the sand pit area with the big trucks – filling them all up with sand and dumping them. They also loved the obstacle course that was set up for them to explore. Miss Thais then sat our friends down and read our funny book “Whose Bum?” and all sang “hammer hammer” fast and slow then we sang “The wheels on the bus” and the famous “bee bee bumble bee” before we all transitioned inside for some Coconut Strawberry Delight bar and fruit for morning tea which they all loved!

We then all enjoyed some free play around the room before Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi took some of our friends outside to enjoy the awesome activity that was set up by Miss Thais based around the different animals we could find in the ocean as this week is Ocean week, so our friends are really enjoying learning about the different animals we can find living in the ocean. Miss Thais and Miss Lauren also had an ocean colouring activity inside that some of our friends got to enjoy and we also had our clay table before all coming outside for a play.

Miss Maddi then sat us down for group time before we all washed our hands ready for some yummy lunch which was superhero Mediterranean vegan pizza!

Now our friends are all resting their bodies after such a busy morning of playing.

Love from; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan 😊