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Good afternoon friends and families!!

This morning we enjoyed playing indoors as it was raining a lot! Miss Thais had set up a dinosaur block table and a dinosaur book table for us to explore as our friends entered the room.

As the sun started to come out we made our way outdoors; we enjoyed all squeezing into the swing together, jumping off the obstacle course beam one by one, reading and playing chase around the track!

Before we knew it, it was time to transition inside for morning tea. We read ‘first ABC’s’ and sung ‘BEE BEE’ to help us move slowly inside.

For group time this morning we sat down together in our calm space and read ‘Celeste the giraffe’ and to extend on DINOSAURS this week we read ‘My Dinosaur Dad’. This carried onto our group activity which was making Dino footprints with playdough. Our friends enjoyed sticking the different dino feet into the play and see what shapes they made. During this same, our friends enjoyed being able to move between activity time and spontaneous play at their own pace.

Afterward we still didn’t receive the expected rain so we made our way outside again!! The children enjoyed more spontaneous play and Miss Thais hopped on the swing with our friends and they were shouting “higher Thais higher!!”. We then transitioned inside for lunch and rest time.

See you tomorrow friends! – Love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla xx