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Good afternoon families and friends…

Today on the agenda we did monster truck/truck painting, making ‘mud’ tracks on the bubble wrap. The humps and bumps of the wrap made for new and interesting feeling to help develop muscle memory.

Colton then shifted the attention to a fun and entertaining game of hiding from us under the table. This then turned into another game of escaping and crawling out the other ends of the table so then they just enjoyed going through the tunnel and then back again to the start.

Then we read The ABC Kids Book of Food. The children enjoyed pointing and shouting out things like ‘ice cream, car, cake and bananas’.

Then we snuck in a few selfies and got serious again and sung The wheels on the truck go all the way to Kindy and drove our pretend trucks over to see the horses chomping on the grass close to the stage.   (Harry trying on Miss Steph’s shoes)

This afternoon we are going to enjoy sand castle making in the wet with Mr. Nick and using our patience to appreciate them before knocking them over by stomping on them like dinosaurs.

We hope you have had a fabulous day as we have here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Thais xx