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Hello families and friends…

 Welcome to another fun week in Toddlers Room with all our friends. We started our morning playing in the big playground building in the sandpit while Colton and Dominic went straight to the swing and asked Miss Thais to push them high up into the sky. Colton said “High, high, sky, sky”

Then it was time to go inside the classroom and wash our hands for a delicious morning tea. Upon transitioning indoors for morning tea, we said our acknowledgment to country and sang our good morning songs.

 Miss Thais was wondering if we had cotton balls so she asked Miss Steph. Miss Steph knew where they were so she got an activity for everyone to make. They all participated and enjoyed putting glue all over the bunny rabbit faces Miss Steph had drawn. Then everyone’s cotton balls got stuck to their fingers and they wouldn’t stay on the pieces of paper. Some found it tricky and wanted to paint arms and legs instead. We also practiced our gross motor skills as we sticking the cotton balls in the paper.

 After the activity the children request to go outside. Miss Thais decided to explore the babies yard with them. They loved playing in the tent. Colton found a box and was the first to open and pick up different toys inside it. He found a drum and Dominc a ball. Harry had fun riding a cow while he was saying: “Cow, Cow”. Banjo and Lachlan were entertained by the obstacle course.

 We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow for another fun day of play and learning!

Love from Miss Thais and Miss Steph