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Happy Thursday families and friends…

What a wonderfully busy day of fun and play in the Toddler rooms today. This morning the children were excited venture outdoors and engage in water play. The children worked together to fill the cups, buckets and watering cans from the sinks so they could water the plants in the garden. We all decided the plants were very thirsty and needed a big drink. Conall and Lachlan collected big buckets of water to water the trees.  Harry, Colton and Dominic decided to collect some river rocks from the garden and wash them in the buckets of water. Harry noticed the water was a bit cold as it  splashed on his face. Harper invited her friend Everlea to join her on the swing as the children called out ‘higher, higher’ as Miss Leesa pushed them back and forth. Harper noticed another butterfly flutter by as she was swinging, so we decided we could paint our own butterflies indoors today. Parker settled on the transport mat to enjoy some quiet time reading a train book. Harper and Harry soon joined in and Harper pretended to be the teacher as the children observed the pictures as she read them a story.

Indoors today the children enjoyed construction play, building with the lego and role play in home corner, pretending to cook and clean. Yarn time we shared ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ due to the children’s ongoing interest with observing the butterflies in the playground.  Harper helped Miss Leesa choose some pretty water colours for the children to use to paint their own butterflies and we decided to use the cotton buds to paint. The children had  a wonderful time expressing their creativity as they spread the colours across their page.

Lunch time today we all enjoyed a delicious feast of beef nachos,,, Our favourite meal of the week….

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Thais